BDI Suisse GmbH – website info. (Business Development and Investment Company) since 2007

Is a Private Zurich based company focussed on working in partnership with clients on a diverse range of Business areas:

  1. Business Development planning – developing Balanced Business Plans
  2. Implementation of business plans and defining project briefs
  3. Leadership and execution of projects

The 3 Principals are :

Roland Hopmans (CEO)

Business Development, Finance and Project Management specialized

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Jerom Loetscher (Director)

Finance and Funds Management specialized

Larissa Mulinder (Director)

Organization, Training & events specialized

Testimonials :

Sadaco reference In my working experience Roland Hopmans has displayed that he is an energetic, articulate, focused and success driven individual who possesses excellent team leadership skills combined with logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
Wout Matthijs, CEO

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Areas of Expertise :

  • Strategy and development of business plans
  • Balanced Business Plans (BBP’s) for different functions of the organizations
  • Implementation of business plans and projects
  • Project plans and project leadership
  • Organizational Design and management
  • Property projects development and execution plan development
  • Financial project development costing
  • Legal contractual advisory